Edmontonians demand a fare freeze!

On April 4, 2021, Free Transit Edmonton launched a petition demanding a freeze on public transit fares. With fares set to increase to $3.75 on May 1, 2021, more than 1800 Edmontonians signed on. The final roster of signatures was delivered to City Council on April 19, 2021, ahead of the Spring 2021 Supplement Operating Budget Adjustment.

Why freeze fares?

This is a matter of social, economic, and mobility justice. A fare increase will punish those who rely on transit: essential workers in healthcare and grocery stores, low-income and migrant workers, people with disabilities, and vulnerable populations. Moreover, it will lead to thousands fewer people taking public transport every day, increasing congestion and emissions. Increasing transit fares will affect all of us by creating a more unequal city.

As real estate developers and our city’s wealthiest continue to get ahead, working people are being left behind. Freezing transit fares is an essential first step to begin levelling the playing field. If City Council is serious about supporting Edmontonians through this global pandemic, they must act to support those who rely on public services: Freeze Fares Now!

It's not too late to take action!

Whether or not you signed the petition, you can write to your Edmonton City Councillor and demand a fare freeze!

What to say?

Share your story as a transit rider and how a fare increase will impact you and your community. Tell them why having affordable and accessible transit is important to you and why you want to see policy decisions line up with our climate goals. Share your vision of fare-free and good transit in Edmonton, and how it begins with freezing fares now.


Dear Councillor (Last Name);
My name is (______) and I have lived in Ward (_____) for (_____).
I am writing today to express my concerns about the proposed increase to transit fares set to take place on May 1. On Wednesday, April 21, you will continue to debate the municipal budget that will steer our city out of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m calling on you to freeze public transit fares and ensure public transit is affordable for all Edmontonians.
In my experience, transit is __________________________________________.
A fare increase would _______________________________________________.
Thank you for considering,
(Your Name)
(Contact info if you want to share)

Council Contact Info:

You can find their email below, or use the City webform at https://coewebapps.edmonton.ca/contactcouncil/default.aspx.

MAYOR: Don Iveson - don.iveson@edmonton.ca

WARD 1: Andrew Knack - andrew.knack@edmonton.ca

WARD 2: Bev Esslinger - bev.esslinger@edmonton.ca

WARD 3: Jon Dziadyk - jon.dziadyk@edmonton.ca

WARD 4: Aaron Paquette - aaron.paquette@edmonton.ca

WARD 5: Sarah Hamilton - sarah.hamilton@edmonton.ca

WARD 6: Scott McKeen - scott.mckeen@edmonton.ca

WARD 7: Tony Caterina - tony.caterina@edmonton.ca

WARD 8: Ben Henderson - ben.henderson@edmonton.ca

WARD 9: Tim Cartmell - tim.cartmell@edmonton.ca

WARD 10: Michael Walters - michael.walters@edmonton.ca

WARD 11: Mike Nickel - mike.nickel@edmonton.ca

WARD 12: Mohinder Banga - mohinder.banga@edmonton.ca