We’re climate organizers based out of Amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton) on traditional Cree, Blackfoot, Dene, Nakota Sioux, Saulteaux, and Métis Nation territory. Our group consists of educators, workers, students and community organizers; each of us passionate about contributing, in whatever way we can, to the larger, global movement for social, environmental, and climate justice.


To create a more resilient, connected, and equitable city which seeks to uphold social, economic, and climate justice and enshrines mobility as a universal right by making public transportation reliable, efficient, and accessible.


Good and fare-free transit for all.


We believe in working alongside the people most impacted by short-sighted transit policy through consultation, cooperation, and solidarity through action.

We believe that mobility is a human right and that public transit is an essential service. Transit needs to become accessible; this includes removing all barriers, physical, financial and otherwise.

We believe in improving working conditions and safety for transit workers. We believe in ensuring transit is kept public: publicly funded public infrastructure that is publicly owned.

Fare-free transit is a transformative solution for addressing systemic bias and racial and economic discrimination, isolation and lack of access to services.

Reliable, expanded transit is an environmental justice issue. We believe in addressing the climate emergency through reducing emissions and investing in transit infrastructure.

Faces Behind the Campaign

  • Caitlin

    Caitlin (she/her)

    Caitlin is an organizer, nonprofit worker and writer born and raised in Edmonton, AB on Treaty 6 territory.

  • Cole

    Cole (they/them)

    Cole is a unionist, community organizer, and labour journalist organizing for Free Public Transit in Edmonton.

  • Danika

    Danika (She/Her)

    Danika is a writer, ranter and a napper living and trying to thrive in Edmonton. She has a soft spot for the prairies and a love for fare-free transit.

  • Bailey

    Bailey (she/her)

    Bailey is an organizer actively working towards creating a more just and more sustainable community for all folks and dogs to thrive in.

  • Clay

    Clay (he/him)

    Clay is a fisheries biologist working with Free Transit Edmonton. Originally from Florida, he now calls Edmonton home and wants to help make it a just and climate-safe city.

  • Matt

    Matt (he/him)

    I hate small talk, I want to talk about eigenvalue behavior of ensembles of random matrices, the history of the labour movement and transit policy. I don't want to know "what's up".

  • Laura

    Laura (she/her)

    Her love for the bus is second only to her love of memes.

  • Aneri

    Aneri (She/Her)

    Aneri is a marine biologist by day and an artist and transit enthusiast by night.

  • Jaret

    Jaret (He/Him)

    Perpetually listening to chill pop and dreaming of the Talus Dome at the thrift shop.

  • Ethan

    Ethan (He/Him)

    Human Geography student and resident trolleybus defender.

  • Hannah

    Hannah (She/Her)

    Women and Gender studies at the University of Alberta. Free transit is good transit, and who doesn’t like free and good things.

  • Ailsa

    Ailsa (She/Her)

    Ailsa is a high school student and an organizer with Climate Justice Edmonton with a passion for the arts!

  • Charlotte

    Charlotte (She/They)

    Demanding free transit is demanding social justice and environmental justice for the citizens of so-called Edmonton.

  • Jeremy

    Jeremy (He/Him)

    Jeremy is an activist interested in eliminating poverty.

  • Carter

    Carter (He/Him)

    Carter is a recent Environmental science graduate who spends his time at the office, watching bon appetit videos, and making pottery!

  • Juan

    Juan (He/They)

    In “she took the midnight train going anywhere”, I’m ‘she’ and ‘anywhere’ is to ‘free public transit’.

  • Jerry

    Jerry (Dog)

    Jerry has yet to take public transit - but promises that he is a very good doggo and will sit nicely and will always be available for pets from riders.