City of Edmonton Suspends Transit Fares

Today, the City of Edmonton’s Special Emergency Advisory Committee declared a state of local emergency.

Prior to this declaration was the unanimous vote for the suspension of all transit fare and need for a transit pass.

This is one step toward understanding the vital importance that public transit plays in our overall public health, and how the essential service of public transit is relied upon by many, especially vulnerable populations.

With that being said, Free Transit Edmonton firmly stands behind the recommendations to stay home in order to flatten the curve of this pandemic and protect ourselves and our neighbours.

However, the reality is that not all people can work from home. From bus drivers to grocery store employees and frontline workers, these are the people we depend on.

Many of the measures being implemented, such as increased tenant rights, people-first investments, and fare-free transit are among the solutions we deserve every day. We will continue to advocate for these rights as a long-term affirmation of what Edmontonians need, not just in times of uncertainty and instability.